rotator Air Pollution Control Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Air Pollution Control is the only technical publication dedicated to air pollution control in industrial environments.

IT3/HWC Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors

October 13-15, Baltimore, MD. Visit or call 412-904-6029.

Power Experts

A wide range of topics related to dealing with power plant emissions are on the agenda for discussion at the upcoming Power Experts 2014 Atlanta, the Utility Air Quality and Environmental Compliance Conference. November 5-6, Atlanta, GA. www. Visit or call 312-924-3730.

CSWEA and A&WMA Conference on the Environment

November 19, St. Paul, MN. Visit or call 855-692-7932.

Power-Gen International 2014

December 9-11, Orlando, FL. Visit

Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) 2015

February 16-18, San Diego, CA. Visit or call 520-615-3535.

NOx-Combustion Round Table & Expo

February 23-24, Richmond, VA. Visit or call 847-291-7396.

Pittcon 2015

March 8-12, New Orleans, LA. Visit or call 800-825-3221.

International Biomass Conference & Expo

April 20-22, Minneapolis, MN. Visit or call 866-746-8385.

Power-Gen: India & Central Asia

May 7-9, New Delhi, India. Visit or call 888-299-8016.

Power-Gen Natural Gas

August 18-20, Columbus, OH. Visit or call 918-831-9160.
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