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This Month's Focus: Hazardous Gases
Field Tests Show Mineral-Based Sorbent for Mercury Control at Coal-Fired Power Plants Preserves Fly Ash Salability (Free)
This article discusses mercury capture performance, concrete compatibility, and abrasiveness of a brominated mineral sorbent.
The CO2 Challenge: Economical Capture, Utilization, and Storage (Free)
Much needs to be considered when discussing the commercial feasibility of carbon capture and storage for coal-fired power plants.
General Features
Combustible Dust: An Explosive Topic (2014)
In addition to offering an update on existing and upcoming combustible dust standards, this article profiles the applicable standard-setting organizations and gives tips on dealing with dust.
The Importance of Fuel Diversity: Part 1
Natural gas has become the fuel of choice for the power industry, but there can be dangers in relying too heavily on a single fuel source.
APC Roundtable (Free)
An overview of the APC Roundtable & Exhibition, scheduled for July 14-15 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. (A meeting of the Pollution Control Users Group (PCUG) will follow on July 16-17.)
MEGA Symposium Returns (Free)
A look at the 10th annual Power Plant Pollutant Control “MEGA” Symposium, scheduled for August 19-22 in Baltimore. Experts from the A&WMA, EPA, EPRI, and DOE will be on hand to address issues related to power plant emissions.
Ask Bob: New Technology Is the Answer To Solving the World’s Air Pollution Control Problems (Free)
APC Columnist Bob McIlvaine offers recommendations on cost-effective pollution reduction technologies, as well as websites to check for more information.
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